Welcome to the TAGO.

www.tago lv is a personal electronic portfolio. Here you can see my work in various areas of design, and also make an order for execution of work.
My News:

I am working on a project - design and programming for the Landing pages.
Development of design for personal sites.
Graphic design.
News on the website:

On the site has added new works 21.01.2015.
On the site added new sections: Video editing, Landing pages.
Upgrading the site was produced 05.01.2014.
For the first time the site was registered in February 2011.
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http://habrasorium.ru/ - is advanced slideshow plugin for jQuery (5KB).
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+371 2-555-33-73 (Bite)
+420 776-70-14-45 (Vodafone)


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